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Software - Tools

  • TrueCrypt archive mirror

  • Show Imgur Images Button on Reddit v1.4.1 (fixed original) - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-08-13)

    • sha256:4832500546357f1659d88a272d29036a66451a8ae358d91fcf9c3e0b31315509

    • Adds a tab to the top tabmenu called "view images" that expands links to images. Special thanks to drowsap & Richard Lainchbury from which this script was adapted. Good alternative to Reddit Enhancement Suite. Best combined with autopager. - Source - Archive.org

      • v1.4.1 - Adds https support. Reddit switched to https by default 2015-07-29.

      • v1.4 - sig - minisign - Added special support for gonewild. Originally published 2010-02-26.

        • sha256:403fe6341cec8c82f2e003ca6a90349a941198829bf62346e6c2397311c6f60f

      • v1.3 - Added support for gifs.

  • RSS Visualizer.qtz - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-07-07)

    • sha256:b6364e0c9805580218401dd9860fb5288162f5a5bcc2a117d283468766ba00af

    • This is the RSS screen saver from Mac OS 10.6 that was removed in OS X 10.7+. People like it, so I mirror an authentic version here for those without 10.5 or 10.6 DVDs.

  • ProcessCounter.exe v1.19 - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-07-01)

    • sha256:0230a696f77d357e84785310e7d18f76471097a0f02244efe7e0029f22dabdec

    • Shows the number of running processes in the system tray. Portable.

  • RootCertificateCheck

    • v1.65.008 - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2016-07-22)

      • sha256:388ae56445b5952544fe1ff2fa0b1fb18aab5ba44609850d0dd01fff31de4b35

    • v1.49 (build 204) - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-07-01)

      • sha256:f5e47b29e683335ce4d98b1cc615d615878ae4c9d51e780e5f0de97a93f76b1b

    • RCC is a tool that quickly inspects the root certificates trusted by Windows and Mozilla Firefox, and pinpoints possible issues. For instance, it is able to detect funky root certificates installed by Superfish or other unknown threats.

      • RCC does not require admin rights.

      • It is compatible with Windows 7 and later (clients) and Windows 2008 and later (servers).

      • Please note that RCC currently uses a (non-elevated) PowerShell command to enumerate the system certificate root store.

  • MZreveal.exe v1.11 - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-07-01)

    • sha256:34ee677d932aa4cf2f683055b39653e47eb21eb9fd89e9e2719bb9e4486b1590

    • MZreveal is a fast command-line tool that will check files in the current directory (and subdirectories) and list all disguised PE executables. Windows binaries are not just .exe and .dll files. You may be surprised with the results. (c) 2014 HexAtomium

  • ExeWatch.exe.zip v1.33 - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-07-01)

    • sha256:46c6ba28e49da8412bfef9fb9ad0f0a6cfb316f678c9701a6b819fb1512546c9

    • ExeWatch keeps a careful eye on your hard drives and will instantly alert (beep) you every time a new executable appears in any folder, on any fixed or removable drive. Double-click the tray icon to view the details of the latest detections, if any. A solid and lightweight addition for the security-conscious power user. Compatible with Windows XP and 7, no installation needed, zero configuration, tiny footprint. (c 2013-2015 Sven Faw, 0.3MB)

  • nugget.exe v1.43 - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-07-01)

    • sha256:03c0eac874343f3e104f115dd9fa16f949f8c5e62e6eae56a8bf6e37961d3e54

    • A curl-like tools that directly leverage the native Windows API, throw in quick automatic VirusTotal lookups for downloaded executables, for good measure. Really small but with a few unique features. cubaguy [plus] labs [at] gmail [dot] com

      • tiny filesize

      • file integrity self-check

      • batch or interactive mode

      • uses native networking libraries only

      • uses DEP and ASLR anti-exploit hardening

      • no complicated syntax - instant learning curve

      • shows MD5 and SHA2 hashes for downloaded files

      • automatically quarantines (renames) files deemed risky by VirusTotal!

      • EMET - supports SSL certificate pinning rules (for advanced users - tutorial coming soon)

      • compatible with all 21st-century Windows versions (yes, even XP!)

  • Perfect Paper Passwords.zip - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-06-20)

    • sha256:86fa7522566f3418b53d4e136ece29290140040ff422e5df0f3a8eb3334507ab

  • Network Link Conditioner.prefPane.zip - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-06-20)

    • sha256:c8a7eb5fdb614a77bf8781665d10c5c6d5b822b5d0ce8d622ef32edaed4b1eca

  • Mouse Acceleration.prefPane.zip - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-06-20)

    • sha256:88841d32b79bc15107d59c7d1c71bb36835191cb300be90994de25733698bb89

    • Mouse setting: -1.2

  • KatMouseSetup.exe v7 - sig - (mirrored 2015-06-20)

    • sha256:db50d87bc4ea9c7905d59dfaf2665c8fc3c619de6cd597930b6e633e062e6a32

Software - Games

  • Tribes.zip v1.11 - sig - minisign - (mirrored 2015-06-20)

    • sha256:a0f2ffc92e05ec653882616b8c28b5e5828e19900f40308289f0a5df22ad9d9d

      • Happy Mod.zip 2005 - sig - minisign

        • sha256:a9f70e6127bb0591f910f1018aa2c59e7fe8c0ca7b94901f0103010ce1fba0d5

      • TROC Map Pack.zip - sig - minisign

        • sha256:3d525320dd764bd4293a37746786bdc389c90ffa0fa6c68cd9c3898902d30c11

        • Move the "base" directory into your tribes directory!

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