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Frontier 046: The Mothman


Frontier is a casual conversation about coffee, camping, tech & self-employment. But mostly gaming.

Frontier 046: The Mothman

Bryan Black

Whiting Ranch Hike

Huntington Gardens

Winamp 15 years old and shutting down

OCZ Bankruptcy

Nate's 15" Retina MacBook Pro

  • Iris Pro 128MB L4 cache

  • Screen size

When will retina Cinema Displays come out?

Belk Thunderbolt Express Dock

USB Hubs

7 Port USB Hub

Magic number trade tip - Project Free TV and others

Hardcoded subs suck

MediaTomb - UPnP server works with VLC

Wikipedia Offline 2013 Version 2 torrent

VLC for podcasts


  • Crypto Locker

  • Extorsion malware


Airgap-Jumping Malware via high frequency sound

The Mothman

Explanations for the Mothman


Date: 2013-11-27

Time: 00:58:31

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