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Frontier 053: Death Star Deskstar


Frontier is a casual conversation about coffee, camping, tech & self-employment. But mostly gaming.

Frontier 053: Death Star Deskstar

Bryan Black


Twitter Stock Price


  • Twitter style following and posting. (but 256 characters)

  • Direct messaging like Twitter DM's or AIM/Jabber instant messaging

  • IRC style chatrooms my topic

  • Checkins

  • Photo galleries

  • File storage (100MB file size and 10GB total)

  • Use my referral link http://reelsense.tv/app.net and get an extra 100MB on your account.

  • Broadcasts (push notifications for anything)

Bryan Black might have been scammed buying a domain name

Trying to buy a .su TLD but it requires I scan and EMAIL my passport.


Western Digital Black DOA

Newegg Premier

Shopping for clothes online



Intel Atom S1260 64bit server chip

Intel Atom Z3740D - Tablet chip?

iPhone 5S camera

Samsung Galaxy S3 fires

Iron Mountain Inc.

AMD Mantle

SteamOS & SteamController

$849 4TB IBM 49Y6002

 Example of the IBM Deathstar. Couldn't find the original.

Example of the IBM Deathstar. Couldn't find the original.

Archer helium - hydrogen

WHAT PART OF NON FLAMMABLE ARE YOU NOT GETTING? Uhm, the core concept obviously?

DokuWiki "because bots are attracted to it like flies on shit. Bots fill your Mediawiki with penis ads and Russian mail order brides" - @00:58:30

FreeNAS Time Machine problem



L2TP on iOS

PPTP is useless

Date: 2014-02-06

Time: 01:09:53

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