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Frontier 064: Doesn't Feel Native


Frontier is a casual conversation about coffee, camping, tech & self-employment. But mostly gaming.

Frontier 064: Doesn't Feel Native

Bryan Black


  • Free to play

  • Subscribers get access to the engine

John Carmack accused of stealing Oculus Rift tech

id and Quake 3 & 4

Enemy Territory Quake Wars Gameplay Trailer

Enemy Territory 2.60b

Flappy 2048

Atom text editor

Win 8.1 install woes

Raspberry Pi

  • NO USB power (Hub REQUIERED)

  • HDMIPi

BeagBone Black and OpenBSD 5.5

SSH Certificate Authorities

  • Key expiration


Oculus Rift Birdly (bird simulator)

Motion controls

Nintendo in trouble?

  • Wii-U flop


laserdisc Zelda

Phantasy Star Online was one of the defining online titles of it's generation. Released in 2000, it was a sci-fi MMORPG which proved very popular for the Sega Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was also one of the first game consoles to allow online play on a massive scale.

Dreamcast games with hacked servers

Jack Herer

Gen 3 Thunderbolt 40Gbps and could carry 100W to charge a device


Date: 2014-05-08

Time: 00:47:36

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