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Frontier is a casual conversation about coffee, camping, tech & self-employment. But mostly gaming.

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Frontier 262: Comedy Hack

Bryan Black

Frontier 255: Bukkake of Styrofoam

Bryan Black

You ever open up a Christmas present just to get sprayed with a bukaki of styrofoam peanuts?

Nathan Penetrations new place.

Bryan shit him self.

  • I got back from the office to work from home.
  • I was sick all week.
  • I thought it was a fart.

Fortnite made Epic $3 Billion

New yubikey for lightning


  • Any outomation?
  • Scenes
  • Rooms?
  • Geofences?
  • Triggers?
  • Elgato Eve

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Date: 2019-01-11

Time: 00:19:09

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Frontier 230: The Domain You Stole from Me

Bryan Black

Frontier 117: Delicious

Bryan Black

  • Blockchain technology

Rick and Morti

Nathan Penetration got a Nvidia GTX 970

NBA free agency

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Date: 2015-07-09

Time: 00:29:19

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