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Frontier 019: Parts Unknown


Frontier is a casual conversation about coffee, camping, tech & self-employment. But mostly gaming.

Frontier 019: Parts Unknown

Bryan Black

Beer: Köstritzer Schwarzbier

Baltika Export Lager

Coffee: Starbucks Dark Espresso

Backcountry camping in Joshua Tree

  • Ryan stepped on rattle snake

  • Food & Coffee

  • Camping in "Parts Unknowns"

  • Weather and visibility

  • Celestial Photography from a hammock

Drobo 5N The Good

  • High-speed low-drag setup - Network storage was online in 20min and grown as needed

  • Adequate performance - Gigabit ingress and egress

  • High availability - Highly expandable with no down time

  • Accessible to all wireless clients

  • It can be in a different room and you never have to hear the hard drives


  • The AR15 & good parts

  • Single point slings and two point sling philosophy

  • Boar hunting

Venture Bros.

Canophotography.com - City of Angels

Richard's Dove Shoot

John Woo - Trademark Doves

Self scanning film


I just ship my pants

Drobo 5N The Problems

  • Drobo "Apps" - "Copy" app installs unpatched Apache 1.3.41 and opens port 8080. Apache stays and httpd runs and is not removable even after "uninstalling" the app.

  • No email verification for Drobo account creation

  • Required fields during account creation is arbitrary and inconsistent

  • Management of this network attached storage is done with the Drobo Dashboard management app. The UI has zero polish and they didn't even take the time to put the close button on the correct side. The Drobo Dashboard is like one of those old oddly shaped 90's Windows programs. A tiled animated background and a curser tail would suit this software.

  • Not Retina

Defense Distributed 3D printed firearms components

DEFCAD - Seed the torrent

Date: 2013-04-18

Time: 00:49:10

Download - torrent