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Frontier 194: Make This Work


Frontier is a casual conversation about coffee, camping, tech & self-employment. But mostly gaming.

Frontier 194: Make This Work

Bryan Black

Yet another watering hole attack. I told you so...

HandBrake got owned with a watering hole attack because they didn't PGP sign releases

Panic Software got owned by the HandBrake malware

DaFont Compromised

Steam is an advanced persistent threat. It's just a matter of time until someone compromises a developer and auto updates all their users to a version with malware.

4S is a package manager for aliases

Blizzard is shit because of Activision

Ubiquiti doesn't PGP sign releases of their EdgeRouter releases. They will probably be hit with a watering hole attack next...

Trump Talk

Alien Covenant


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Date: 2017-05-18

Time: 01:11:38

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